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Vienna has a wide variety of historical and cultural sites that will keep you busy and entertained during your visit to Austria. The lovely weather in the summer gives a great atmosphere for some sightseeing while the winter gives you plenty of sports like skiing to engage in.

The Imperial Palace is one of the major attractions in this city. It was built back in 1279 as a way for the Hapsburg to display their power and wealth. The palace was the official residence of the county’s royal family up to 1918 but it now has the president’s offices, the Vienna Boys’ Choir chapel and a convention centre. There are also some state rooms, museums and private and official apartments that members of the public are allowed to visit.

The Spanish Riding School is a great attraction and happens to be the oldest in the world. This school is the only one in the country that still offers classic dressage in its original form. It has existed for over 400 years and trains riders and horses. There are several special events and shows that are held where the public has a chance to see the dressage and Lipizzans.

The Austrian National Library in Vienna was finished in 1726 and is the oldest in the globe. This library has a palatial room that has captivating paintings on the ceiling. This room is thought to have the most beautiful rooms compared to any other library in the world. This library has more than 6 million items that include manuscripts, music, rare and ancient books, graphics, maps, globes, portraits, photographs, posters and autographs.

Vienna is also home to the Sigmund Freud Museum that is found in the building that Freud lived and worked in for nearly fifty years. This museum was opened in 1971 and exhibits his personal possessions, original furniture, antique collections and a library that has the largest collection of psycho-analysis literature.

The St. Stephens Cathedral was built as a roman sanctuary during the 12th century and is one of the city’s main attractions. It was once destroyed by fire but was restored and opened once again in 1948. The interior is filled with a variety of sculptures, altars, wood carvings and paintings. The cathedral stands about 450 feet above the city of Vienna and a climb up the more than 300 steps on the south tower will give you a wonderful view of the city’ s woods.