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The Austrian capital incidentally happens to be a cultural center in its own right. The city offers a wide range of sites and famous places to visit as well as a choice of the world’s best museum. A whole array of Vienna’s aesthetic nature can be sampled as one takes a walk along the city’s tree lined boulevard. One can have a treat as they walk in the splendor of the Stadt \Park, the Opera House, Hofburg Palace, the imposing Rathaus (also the city hall) and the Parliament building. The city located in Eastern Austria has a busy world food court of varied cuisine including Greek dishes. There is the possibility of catching the antiques of skaters at the Ringstrasse every other Saturday at 10pm when they are allowed to have fun. With random walks one discovers the Pedestrianised Kartner Strasse which runs from the junction between the Opera House and the Ringstrasse. This walkway offers quite a number of diversions along the way.

The magnificent Karikirsche with its awesomely magnificent dome is found just on the outside of the Ringstrasse. It provides cool atmosphere for retreating back into nature and a religious attitude. The Ringstrasse also straddles the Art Nouveau Secession Building which gives a home to all the city’s aesthetic works albeit its small structure. Its golden globe is quite a distinguishing feature, though it was originally considered an eye sore by the city residents. The building is a symbol of Austria’s free spirit and has a proclamation on its outside: To each of its art and to art its freedom, obviously in Austrian but still poetic as intended. The wealth proceeds on to the nearby Museumquartier culture complex, a huge magnificently baroque structure in contrast to the Secession building. Also along the Ringstrasse are two Belvedere Palaces expressing Austria’s past royalty and the ambience of its timeline in history, as well as exhibiting an array of well sculptured artistry.

Vienna is quite the playground with live concerts round the year, sights and music cover the whole square miles of the city welcoming the newcomer into latitudes of happiness and a friendly experience. Travel arrangements are quite easy to make with accessible taxis, short metro trips and the underground express, the U-Bahn. The Vienna Woods probably make a good choice for one of these short trips. With access to excellent hiking, biking and a nostalgic Austrian country town experience.