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Vienna is well equipped in terms of transport systems to give all its visitors easy movement throughout the city. There are both private and public transportation available in form of airlines, buses, car rentals, taxis and trains. The buses, trains and trams constitute the public system which caters for the locals and visitors quite well.

The public transport system in Vienna is both fast and safe and requires that you buy and validate a ticket to gain access. The fares are affordable and standard and the best thing is that they are reliable and available to as late as midnight. Getting around the city via public means is easy especially with the undergrounds known as the U-Bahn. There is also the S-Bahn (railway transport) which is considered the cheapest means of public transport in Vienna.  Depending on when you are traveling and the time you can make reservations for the most convenient means of transport since some of them do not operate during the weekends.

Other transportation means include the taxis and car rentals from a number of companies. Taxis are many around the city and are more convenient for private tours although they cost more. Taxis in Vienna charge according to the time and if you have a luggage, then you will have to pay for it too. Renting a car is also convenient when you need to go far away from the city for a couple of days. You will however need an International Driving Permit to rent a car in Vienna. You can always use these if you are not comfortable with the public means as long as you can afford it. They are also good since you can get them during weekends and holidays.

There are limousines and mini buses for hire and these are perfect too for functions and events. The city also has horse-drawn carriages for those interested and can be quite fun if you can afford them. These will be perfect, if you are on honeymoon in Vienna. Water transport is also there and provided by the boats.

The airlines will get you in and out of Vienna safely and you can use a taxi, rented car or the S-Bahn to get to and from the airport. You will definitely find the transport arrangement in Vienna good compared to other places and you can be sure to have an interesting stay in this Australian city.